Driving Lessons to Pass Your Driving Test

One of the main Reasons for the lengthy waiting list for a Driving Test is that there are far too many candidates sitting the Test that shouldn’t be there! Why? Because they haven’t taken the issue seriously enough and imagine that just because they have been driving for a while they are bound to Pass!

The longer you have been driving, without adequate professional preparation for the Driving Test the more likely it is that will not succeed.

Pre –Test Tuition is essential if you are going to stack the cards in your favour and achieve a Pass on the Day!

Practise, along with Tuition is also essential if you are going to be successful!

Last minute panic lessons will just not do it for you!

The Candidate that will be successful is the one who is preparing in advance of the expected Test Date and who then books lessons immediately the Test Appointment letter arrives!

Test Notification is usually around four weeks unless you are on the Cancellation List when it could be just a couple of days.

With four weeks notice that should give you enough time to plan and book at least six hours of tuition …maybe a little more.

Ringing up us at Ladybird Driving School Dublin a week or just a few days before your test will not enable enough practise to be carried out even if the School is able to facilitate you at short notice.

Make sure you read this whole section of the Web Site thoroughly and join the members Area by signing onto the Mailing List/Newsletter where you can access numerous articles especially written for all Driving Test Candidates. We don’t pull any punches…

we tell you what you have to do…

just go ahead and follow the Instructions and you should be successful on the day.

A word of advice …don’t listen to all the baloney a.k.a (cr-p) that is recycled out there by those who think they have a God-Given right to pass a Driving Test and who are still struggling after the third attempt!

They will blame the Instructor

they will blame the Examiner

they will blame the Weather…

they will blame the Road Works

they will blame the dog, child, horse, cyclist, or the JCB for their failure to do what is necessary to Pass the Test.

Luck is where Preparation meets Opportunity!

The Opportunity is the sitting of the Driving Test......

The Preparation is YOU......

Luck appears as if by magic!....$$$$$$$

Prepare well with the help and assistance of a committed Driving Instructor;

give yourself sufficient time to rid yourself of all the bad habits that several years of unsupervised driving has created and Practise, Practise, Practise!

In the days leading up to the Driving Test and you will be successful even when you have difficult situations thrown at you!