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Am I codependent?

These Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence are offered as a tool to aid in self-evaluation. They may be particularly helpful to newcomers as they begin to understand codependency. They may aid those who have been in recovery a while to determine what traits still need attention and transformation.

CoDA pamphlet "Am I Codependent?"

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Suggested program of recovery...

Chapter 3 of Co-Dependents Anonymous outlines a suggested program of recovery which includes attending meetings in addition to fellowship, sponsorship, literature, conferences, conventions, service work, the CoDA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions (pg 25, 3rd edition).

It is suggested that newcomers attend 6 different meetings, as they vary in format and focus. (Find a meeting here.) Although each meeting is autonomous, the principles of our program, as outlined in the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Preamble, and Welcome, are consistent.