LA CoDA Officers

These officers make up the board of LA CoDA. All officer positions are for 2-year terms, half elected in even years and half elected in odd years. Qualifications for each office include at least 1 year of actively working the Twelve Steps in CoDA, a familiarity with the Twelve Traditions, and having previously attended at least 4 LA CoDA meetings. More information can be found in the LA CoDA Guidelines. All contacts are


Officer: Marcus

  • Service: sets the agenda for the monthly LA CoDA meetings, and shall conduct the meetings in accordance with the Twelve Traditions, LA CoDA group conscience, and established parliamentary procedure
  • Contact: chair@
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Vice Chairperson

Officer: Carole

  • Service: shall be available to act as Chairperson as the need arises
  • Contact: vicechair@
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Officer: Tyler

  • Service: taking and transcribing the minutes of the monthly meetings, which shall include reports from sub-committees, other announcements, and voting on motions, carried or not, including vote count
  • Contact: secretary@
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Officer: Lawrence C.

  • Service: responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all LA CoDA funds and shall provide a formal written monthly accounting to LA CoDA, as well as present an annual budget
  • Contact: treasurer@
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VE Rep & Alternate

Officer: Lesley B.

  • Service: represent LA CoDA’s group conscience at SoCal business functions and report on those events to LA CoDA in writing
  • Contact: socalrep@
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CoDA Communities Liaison

Officer: Barbara L.

  • Service: providing reports to LA CoDA, collecting information such as announcements, events and news from neighboring CoDA Community Committees and Voting Entities
  • Contact: liaison@
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