Company Rules

The following rules are mostly guidelines and a dose of common sense is required from our members.

  • Do not act against the company's and it's member's interests, material assets and well-being.
  • Do not damage the company's internal/external reputation and image, and diplomatic relations.
  • Do not share any internal info with non-members.

  • Treat all members with respect, no matter if you are a leader or a follower.
  • Do not abuse our comms (Spectrum/Discord). No text/VoIP spam/non-relevant stuff in special purpose channels, especially during missions.
  • Excessively whining, bitching, begging and profanity are not tolerated. No toxic behavior, hater attitude and drama.
  • Higher ranked members have higher commanding authority on a company operations.
  • Disagreements/complaints with members or the leadership are resolved in a civil manner in a private chat.

  • Respect our peace agreements with allies. Check your targets with our Friends lists.
  • Complete your contracts and do your best when you represent the corp. No scamming.
  • When on a company op - keep your discipline, follow instructions and procedures, do your designated role, obey local ship/facility rules, do not override access in corp or member owned ships/facilities.
  • Leaders running ops, reserve the right to select their crew, based on skills, experience, behavior and trust.
  • No griefing. Your actions need to have purpose other than ruining someone’s game just for the ‘lulz’.
  • Owning certain amount or kind of ships is not an automatic entitlement for a senior rank and commanding position.

  • You are required to disclose your hidden/redacted orgs and keep us up to date with any changes.
  • Membership in rival/competing organizations is not allowed. It's up to the management to make a decision for each case. Exceptions may be considered.
  • You are obliged to report any suspicious/enemy activities (internal/external).
  • Do not advertise/recruit for other organizations.

  • The main language in our text/voice chat comms is English.
  • Do not break RSI’s/CIG's ToS (Terms Of Service). And specially note that cheating is absolutely forbidden.

If you want to leave the corp and try your luck somewhere else, that’s perfectly fine, no hard feelings. Just give a shout to your Manager or drop a post in Discord/Spectrum in order for us to keep track on the event. It’s definitively possible to re-join us again later if you change your mind (if you didn’t burn bridges).

Just note that, dropping out from the corp without notice, may reset your ranks/roles and status you achieved, in case you decide to return. Same goes for switching from ‘Main’ to ‘Affiliate’ without notice.

Chat/Voice Comms

We encourage all members to join our chat/voice comms at Discord ->

Please note:

  • This is private corporation, and the leadership's decisions has priority.
  • If you get asked by the leadership to stop doing something, no matter if it is, or not, in the above list, you should comply and follow instructions.
  • Please don't whine and talk back if you don't agree with some decision(s).
  • The above list of guidelines may change, so please check it regularly and stay updated.
  • Leadership will be doing their best to be fairly with all members, no matter of their rank, and exceptions always can be made, but keep in mind that respect works both ways - be respectful even if you don't agree with something and you will be treated the same way.

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