Company Rules Policy

The following rules are mostly guidelines. A dose of common sense is required from our members to be able to make a difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior and to know where is the "red line" (no matter in-game, community web/chat). Otherwise that page would not be big enough to fit the every single "do not".

  • Don’t mess with your fellow corpies and their property.
  • Do not screw with the company, it's assets, business and reputation. In any way. Don't take things you don't own or breach into areas you don't have permission.
  • All members are under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Follow it! Do not share/publish/mention with outsiders (or low-level members) any information regarding our company - members, activities, methods, businesses, assets, structure, operations etc. etc.
  • Mind your actions. They should not affect negatively the company, our public relations, reputation and our members in any way. Keep your personal reputation under control, don't make us a bad name or start wars on our behalf.
  • Respect our peace/trade agreements with allies. Check your targets with our Friends lists.
  • Do not get involved in dramatic, nasty and insulting verbal exchanges with enemies, trolls, low-IQ children and other random creatures. Our policy is to stay quiet and cold-blooded in such situations. Do not respond on provocations and don't feed the trolls if someone killed you and then laughed at you. You can make a report for any unprovoked attacks (verbal or physical) if you wish, and the management will make a decision for a proper respond if needed.
  • No toxic behavior towards anyone (corpies or public players).
  • No griefing. Your actions need to have purpose other than ruining someone’s game just for the ‘lulz’.
  • No scamming.
  • Higher ranked members have higher commanding authority on a company operations.
  • Follow procedures and instructions on a company operations. When dealing with serious business - be serious and don't break the discipline.
  • We require from all members to disclose with the management their hidden/redacted Orgs (if you have), for security reasons, and inform us for any changes.
  • Do not advertise other Orgs and recruit our members for them.
  • Membership in rival/competing organizations is not allowed.
  • You are obliged to report any suspicious/enemy activities you've found (internal or external) to the Management/Command.
  • Internal conflicts between members are resolved in a civil manner via private chat and/or by reporting to the management. Do not cause drama.
  • No text/VoIP spam/flood/abuse in our comms (Spectrum/Discord). No random, non-relevant sh*t in serious/special purpose channels.
  • The main language in text/voice chat comms is English. If you want to speak your mother tongue with other members you could request to form up a language specific group/squad inside our Corp. with own sub-channels.
  • Do not break RSI’s ToS (Terms Of Service). And specially note that cheating is absolutely forbidden.

(Advice, not a rule) It is in your best interest to always gather and keep evidence (screen capture, screenshots) of incidents/conflicts with members or outsiders, which may prove your innocence.

If you want to leave the corp and try your luck somewhere else, that’s perfectly fine, no hard feelings. Just give a shout to your Manager or drop a post in Discord/Spectrum in order for us to keep track on the event. It’s definitively possible to re-join us again later if you change your mind (if you didn’t burn bridges).

Just note, dropping out from the corp without notice may reset your ranks/roles and status you achieved, if you return. Same goes for switching from ‘Main’ to ‘Affiliate’ without notice.

Chat/Voice Comms

We encourage all members to join our chat/voice comms at Discord ->