Spanish 1

Instructor: Doug Eikermann

  • Friday 10:35-12:00
  • Room#- 307

Spanish 1 homework

Click on the link below to go to the Spanish 1 homework page on my website. If for some reason I am unable to post the homework on, I'll post it here until I am able to solve the problem. Welcome to Spanish 1.

Tarea para el 1 de marzo de 2019:

A. Estudie el vocabulario en las páginas 114 y 115 del libro de texto.

B. Lea toda la Lección 4 del libro de texto (páginas 132 a 159).

C. Traduzca las siguientes frases del inglés al español:

1. I have no shoes.

2. I don't have my shoes.

3. They don't have a car.

4. They don't have their car.

5. We don't need our books.

6. We don't need a teacher. (feminine for both)

7. Your car is dirty. (informal)

8. His stereo is new.

9. I am going to my apartment.

10. These are our things.

11. Her boss is nice.

12. Her bosses are in Europe.

13. My blanket gives hugs.

14. I am jealous of my wife.

15. She is careful with her baby.

16. They are ashamed of their parents.

17. He is always in a hurry.

18. She is sleepy all the time.

19(a). I am ready to go to the movies.

19(b). I am ready to see the movie.

20. I am ready to do my homework.

21. The woman is cold in the winter.

22. I like to study, but I don't like to take exams.

23. I like Ana, but she doesn't like me.

24. She never arrives on time.

25. He never answers his telephone.

26. The library is open today.

27. We like to eat in the cafeteria. (feminine)

28. We dislike Maria. (masculine or mixed)

29. They teach the lesson to the children.

30. They teach it (the lesson) to them (the children).

31. She drinks only water.

32. She needs to chat a bit before starting to work.

33. She understands the grammar, but she doesn't know how to talk.

34. The money is the important part.

35. You need to practice these sentences.

36. I don't believe you.




37(a). She opens the can of beans.

37(b). She opens it with a knife.

37(c). She opens it for her.

38. The office is closed on Saturdays.

39. One must pay the bills.

40. I'm going to sell my car this afternoon.

41. I like to play basketball, but I don't like the coach.

42. We like to have lunch at midday, but we don't like the cook.

43. The boys like the girls, but the girls dislike the boys.

44. They (masculine) like them (feminine), but the reverse is not true.

45. My mom likes my aunt.

46. My uncle doesn't like his mother-in-law.

47. We don't like them, but we tolerate them.

48. She likes me, but she doesn't understand me.

49. I like her, but she likes chocolate.

50. She does not like me, but I like chocolate anyway.

51. She incites him to violence. (incitar a - to incite to)

52. We invite them (mixed) to dine at eight. (invitar a - to invite to)

53. I limit myself to three cups of coffee per day. (limitarse a - to limit oneself to)

54. He manages to think of the answer. (to manage to, to succeed in/at, to end up)

55. That becomes a problem for the teacher (masculine). (llegar a ser - to become)

56. That leads me to believe that you are lying. (llevar a - to lead to)

57. He sends his resume to the wrong place. (mandar a - to send to)

58. They (mixed) always start to do that when they should not. (meterse a - to start to)

59. She wants to go to the shopping center.

60. He needs to rent a suit and tie.

61. They (masculine) know the way to do that.

62. They (feminine) know Paris well.

63. We (mixed) think too much to be good students.

64. We (mixed) think too much bacause we are good students.

65. I am in route to the gas station.

66. We (mixed) have a new way of doing things in this company.

67. You (plural, formal) are in the process of developing some marvelous language tools.

68. I need a bigger dictionary.

69. She is always thinking about strange things.

70. They (mixed) are looking for a Spanish class with more grammar.