Italian Descriptions


Italian 1 Class Description

Italian I is an introductory course designed for students who have never before studied Italian or for those who may have previously studied some Italian but not used it for many years. We will start from the very beginning assuming no previous knowledge of the language. Through active participation in class and at-home review and assignments this class provides students with the foundations of the Italian language.

Textbook: Prego! An Invitation to Italian (6th edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0072561319)We will cover the essential building blocks of Italian grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary (through chapter 4 of the book), including the following:

Grammatical Concepts:

  • Alphabet and pronunciation
  • Use of genders and singular/plural
  • Definite and indefinite articles (the/a)
  • Basic sentence and question formation
  • Adjectives: agreement and placement
  • Present tense verbs:regular and irregular
  • The expressions c’è and ci sono (there is/there are)
  • Possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her etc)
  • Demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those)
  • Direct object pronouns

Vocabulary themes will include:

  • Greetings and salutations
  • Numbers
  • Basic conversational phrases
  • Food and beverages
  • Day, date, seasons
  • Places
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Descriptive adjectives/colors
  • Family
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Pastimes/hobbies

Italian 2 Class Description

Italian II is the second Italian grammar class and will pick up where Italian I left off. Prerequisite is Italian I or equivalent knowledge. Students should be familiar with: basic pronunciation, gender and plural formation, agreement including articles and adjectives, present tense verbs both regular and irregular, basic sentence and question formation. You should be able to hold a basic conversation in the present tense. We will spend the first several weeks of class reviewing.

Textbook: Prego! An Invitation to Italian (6th edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0072561319) We will continue building our knowledge with new grammatical concepts and vocabulary covering chapters 5-8 of the text book.

Grammatical Concepts:

  • Past tenses: passato prossimo, imperfetto and trapassato
  • Articulated prepositions (preposition + article contractions)
  • Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Agreement with direct object pronouns and the passato prossimo
  • The verb piacere
  • Reflexive and reciprocal verbs
  • ‘Have been verbing’ time expression
  • Adverbs

Vocabulary themes will include:

  • Pastimes/hobbies
  • Food/Restaurant
  • Clothing
  • Larger numbers
  • Mass media

Italian 3 Class Description

Students will be introduced to the future tense and the imperative mood. Other grammatical points will include the comparison, the superlative, indefinite adjectives, the use of ne and ci, indefinite pronouns, and the impersonal si. Vocabulary themes will be body parts, vacation, shopping, and housing.

The typical Italian 3 student has completed Italian 1 and 2, has a working vocabulary of hundreds of words, can form simple sentences in the present, past and imperfect tenses, and can answer questions in a controlled setting, using memorized expressions.

Textbook: Prego!, the same textbook used in Italian 1 and Italian 2. We will cover Chapters 9 through 13.

Italian 4 Class Description

Students will be introduced to the conditional and conditional past tenses, and the three tenses of the subjunctive mood. Other grammatical points will include relative pronouns and the special use of volerci and metterci. Vocabulary themes will be the environment, the performing arts, social issues, and the workplace.

The typical Italian 4 student has completed Italian 3, is able to participate in simple dialogue, and can generate questions in Italian language recognizable by a native speaker.

Textbook: Prego!, the same textbook used in Italian 1, 2 and 3. We will cover Chapters 14 through 18.

Italian 5 Class Description

This is a conversation class in which students and the instructor decide on a weekly basis the topics to be discussed. Students will be expected to cultivate the art of conversation in the language. There is no pre-assigned text for this class. A typical student has studied Italian for three years or more, or is taking Italian 3 simultaneously, and knows a range of vocabulary.

Italian 6 Class Description

This is a reading class in which the instructor and students will decide upon a text or texts -- usually plays or short stories -- to be read and discussed in Italian. A typical student has studied Italian for three years or more, and has a working knowledge of verb tenses as well as a broad vocabulary. Students in this class may take Italian 4 simultaneously.