Laboratory of Bioanalytics and Integrated Omics


The main goal of our lab is to integrate mass spectrometry-based omics sciences (mostly metabolomics / lipidomics / proteomics / metallomics) to study psychiatric / neurodegenerative disorders and alternative treatments for these illnesses. 


Unicamp Human Rights Recognition Award - Vladimir Herzog Institute

The Unicamp Academic Recognition Award in Human Rights (PRADH) - Vladimir Herzog Institute recognizes research committed to a dignified life, at university, master's and doctoral level, in all areas of knowledge and carried out in public teaching and research institutions with headquarters in the State of São Paulo. The reward encourages the creation and dissemination of knowledge that contributes to the protection and promotion of life and all forms of existence.

The thesis of student Luan Felipe Campos Oliveira, supervised by Prof. Dr. Alessandra Sussulini, received the award in the area of ​​Exact Sciences, Engineering and Technology – Doctoral Research category.

In the thesis entitled "Foodomics to sustainable agriculture", Luan carried out a study to differentiate the profile of volatiles, compounds with flavor, aroma, biological and ecological activities of two different foods grown by conventional, organic and permaculture agricultural systems, a particular case of agroecology. 

Thesis available at:

News at: 

Photos: Antonio Scarpinetti. Image editing: Paulo Cavalheri.

Between January 17th and February 15th, UNICAMP together with the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and Santander, carried out the CAPAm program - Science & Art “Povos da Amazônia”.

 In this, indigenous students, quilombolas, riverside and extractivists from different UFPA majors had the possibility of exchanging and coexistence with teachers, researchers and students from @unicamp.

 The project presented by LaBIOmics, coordinated by Profa Dra. Alessandra Sussulini and developed by Dr. Julio César and doctoral student Taynara Matos, had the privilege of being selected by the Dean of Research at UNICAMP to receive Amanda Cardoso,  Daiana Sena, Geovana Nascimento, Jubila Dias, Lucivan Maciel and Patrícia Mendes.

 During this period, research activities, theoretical classes and visits to different UNICAMP institutes and spaces were carried out. There were moments of great exchange of knowledge and cultural enrichment.

Thank you and congratulations, guys, for accepting the challenge; have a good comeback! Thank you also to all the students, professors and staff who received us and showed their spaces of action with so much enthusiasm!

During December 10 to December 15, 2022  occurred the 3rd Iberoamerican Conference on Mass Spectrometry that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

In this conference, LaBIOmics was present and awarded:

Taynara received Nico Nibbering Student Travel Award (Again!!)

She presented her work named: "Insights to the differentiation of Banisteriopsis caapi varieties in ayahuasca samples using UHPLC-MS"

Congratulations, girl!

Webinar by INCTBio

Every month, INCTBio presents a Webinar with renowned researchers from Brazil and abroad. On the 20/09/2022 Profa Alessandra Sussulini will present the lecture "The power of "omics" in the study of psychiatric diseases and their treatments".

It will be necessary to register in advance with Prof. Dr. José Alberto Fracassi da Silva via email:

The link for access will be sent to subscribers directly by Prof. Fracassi.

The presence will be counted towards the fulfillment of the mandatory Seminars by the IQ/UNICAMP Post-Graduate students.

During 27th August and 2nd September occurred the 2022 International Mass Spectrometry Conference. The event was held on Maastricht, Netherlands. 

In this conference, LaBIOmics was present and doubly awarded:

Luan received Journal of Mass Spectrometry Award

Taynara received Nico Nibbering Student Travel Award



Congratulations, guys!

Call for paper submisson!!

If you work on applications of metabolomics to the study of psychiatric/neurodegenerative diseases, including the evaluation of their treatments, biomarker discovery, as well as data integration with other -omic sciences, and would like to publish on the journal Metabolites  - you can submit your paper until November 30th. 

Profa. Alessandra Sussulini is editing a special issue that belongs to the section "Frontiers in Metabolomics". 

Keywords: Metabolomics, Psychiatric disorders, Neurodegenerative disorders, Biomarkers, Alternative treatments, Multi-omics

More informations:

Call for paper submisson!!

If you work with multiomics and would like to publish on the journal Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences - Metabolomics you can submit your paper until April 20th. 

Profa. Alessandra Sussulini, Prof. Matej Oresic(University of Turku, Finland and University of Örebro, Sweden) and Prof. Jeff Xia (McGill University, Canada) are editing a Research Topic in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences - Metabolomics.

Keywords: Multi-omics, Systems biology, Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Biostatistics, Data integration, Networks 

More informations:

Prof. Alessandra Sussulini will be one of the Keynote Keynote Speakers at the 17th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society.

 Metabolomics 2021 Online will take place June 22 - 24, 2021.

The conference will take place in various time zones and recorded talks will be available to access and watch later during the virtual event.

More informations:

Dr. Helle Kaasik presented our work "Chemical composition of traditional and analog Ayahuasca" in the Europe's largest conference on psychedelic consciousness: Breaking Convention.

The event was on August 16th, 17th and 18th, 2019 in London, England.

More about the presentation:

To read the paper: 10.1080/02791072.2020.1815911 

The undergraduate student Aline Melo prepared this very interesting newsletter about depression with data and tips on how to deal with this disorder during this quarantine period. Remembering that, in quarantine, it is very important that you stay at home, wash your hands and take care of yourself. 

Below are the reference links for more information:




Emerson presented his work named "Application of lipidomics approach in the study of the treatment of Major Depression Disorder with ayahuasca in patients resistant to conventional antidepressants" in the VII Bioanalytical School promoted by the INCTBio. 

The event was hosted by the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, MG, Brazil, on December 4th, 5th and 6th, 2019. 

Emerson was awarded as one of the poster session's best works!


Dr. Alessandra Sussulini, Unicamp's assistant professor, explains her work on lipidomics and metalomics applied in the study of brain diseases, presented in poster format during the 6th BrMASS.

Key words:

Mass spectrometry; Liquid chromatography; Omics Sciences (Metabolomics, Lipidomics, Proteomics and Metallomics); Sample preparation; Mass spectrometry imaging.