Louisiana 4-H Volunteer

Leaders Association

Welcome to the Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association (VLA). Here you will find information for Louisiana 4-H volunteers, including opportunities for professional development, mentoring, awards, and grants. Learn how to become a member of the VLA on the member information page.

Calling All 4-H Volunteers

The Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association:

  • is a non-profit made up of people who serve and support Louisiana 4-H in a volunteer role.
  • is a volunteer organization for individuals who work directly and indirectly with 4-H youth, or those who would like to become involved with the 4-H program in the State of Louisiana.
  • established in 2003, the LA4-HVLA is committed to support the 4-H youth in Louisiana grow confident and strong.

The association promotes, supports and strengthens the 4-H program in Louisiana by:

  • encouraging community support so that all youth of eligible age shall have the opportunity to benefit from this youth development program.
  • organizing and developing 4-H volunteer leaders.
  • offering opportunities for the educational and personal growth of volunteers.
  • facilitating communication among volunteers.

Interested in becoming a member of the LA4-HVLA?

Modeling the practice of establishing and sustaining successful youth and adult partnerships, volunteers work with a teen member of the LA 4-H SET board to complete a project.