Photographer Louis ChavezBased in Rochester, New YorkContact:
EducationThe College at Brockport, State University of New York, Brockport, NY.Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Anticipated Graduation in 2021).
Solo Exhibitions2018﹣Flower City Arts Center, One Year Later, Rochester, NY.2017﹣Ugly Duck Coffee, Mexicali, Rochester, NY.2017﹣Starry Nites Cafe, Mexicali, Rochester, NY.
Group Exhibitions2020﹣Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, My Queer Valentine, Alexandria, VA.2019﹣Flower City Arts Center, Myths of the Sacred Wound, Rochester, NY.2018﹣Monroe County Public Library, Collective Creativity, Rochester, NY.2018﹣Flower City Arts Center, Wall-to-Wall, Rochester, NY.2014﹣MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, Push My Buttons, Brooklyn, NY.2014﹣Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, Untitled (We is O.K.), USA & Canada.2013﹣Cock Gallery, Set/Apart, Portland, OR.2012﹣MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, Gendermash, Brooklyn, NY.2011﹣MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, Consumer Onanism, New York, NY.
Publications and Media“Lovers I Had and Liked”﹣50: Pride Zine. July 2019. Pages 18-19.
Professional AffiliationsSociety for Photographic Education﹣Member since 2018.Flower City Arts Center﹣Member since 2017.