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Wildlife Removal Pros is an independent, locally owned, family business. We offer guaranteed, professional solutions for all your wildlife problems. Residential, commercial, or farm, we can help. We provide professional services for all wildlife species. We do not deal with domestic cats and dogs. Experienced, and trained in all aspects of wildlife control and exclusion.


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Bat Removal & Exclusion

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Raccoon Removal & Damage Repair

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Wildlife Removal Services

We offer humane elimination providers for all nuisance animals which have created a problem. Some of the animals that we offer companies for are:








Rodents (mice/rats)





Dead Animal Removing

Do you've got a useless animal in a wall or in your attic? Even worse, maybe a dead skunk below your deck or stoop permeating it’s odor all through your home. Dead animals which might be larger than a mouse will takes weeks for the odors to dissipate. In the case of skunks, the skunk odor can last for a number of months, especially when the odor has embedded itself into the concrete basis of your home. It doesn't matter what the difficulty is, we can find the diseased animal carcass and supply options to seal up the area to prevent future issues.

Attic Restoration

When animals have decided to move into your attic, harm is available in may forms. Not only is your roof or soffit torn open when nuisance animals enter, your attic insulation is crushed as they path forwards and backwards all through the space. Crushed attic insulation is actually considered structural injury to your house, as a result of if this many homeowners insurance policies will cowl the insulation damages and Lexington KY Attic Restoration Services process. Along with damages, animal feces from animals equivalent to raccoons and bats may be extraordinarily toxic to both people and pets.

Crawl Space Restoration

The existence of nuisance wildlife in your crawl area can cause mold and decay, due to the fecal matter and urine of the animals not to point out very robust odors. Rat and mice are also recognized for nesting in and destroying insulation, together with vapor barriers. Many times you will see meals that has been introduced in, nesting particles, useless animals, rocks & filth and extra, when getting rid of destroyed insulation and broken vapor barriers. Problem wildlife corresponding to skunks, opossums and raccoons will pull down insulation, tear up vapor obstacles and use all of it for nesting materials.

Chimney Caps

Many instances, merely having a chimney cap isn't enough to correctly shield your house and preserve animals out of trying to make a house inside your chimney. Even worse many properties would not have a chimney cap to protect the opening from nuisance animals and birds in search of a nesting place. Chimney caps should all the time be properly sized in addition to fitted to make sure that smaller animals akin to bats and birds can not slip via any gaps.

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