Here is a good news for those of who have difficulty with morning alertness. We found that a blue-enriched white light can effectively help people overcome morning drowsiness. When people are exposed to blue light at night, they have trouble achieving deep sleep because the light restrains melatonin secretion. However, we argue that the effects of blue-enriched morning light on physiological responses are time dependent, and that it has positive effects on melatonin levels and the subjective perception of alertness, mood, and visual comfort compared with warm white light. This study will provide the basis for major changes in future lighting strategies and thereby help create better indoor environments.

Choi, K., Shin, C., Kim, T., Chung, H. J., & Suk, H. J. (2019). “Awakening effects of blue-enriched morning light exposure on university students’ physiological and subjective responses.” Scientific Reports, 9, 345.

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