As smart lighting continues to gain popularity for home automation, designers must fully understand and consider the diverse effects light exerts on users. The LightUp cards aim to support smart lighting idea generation by making the growing knowledge on how lighting affects users readily accessible to designers. We developed a set of 100 cards grouped into five categories: user, activity, emotion, input, and light. During our user studies, the cards were found to be useful in providing knowledge on how to control lighting. Furthermore, the toolkit acted as a good warm-up to ignite brainstorming and facilitated collaboration. Not everyone agreed on which category had been used most often, but they agreed that the Light category was most needed. Especially, the Light category was found to be a source of convergent thinking rather than divergent thinking.

Kim, T., Jeong, J., Choi, K., & Suk, H. J. (2018). “LightUp cards: Bringing knowledge together in designing smart lighting.” KSDS Fall International Conference, 20-21.