With the wide use of smart devices, through which information is presented in vast quantities, objective guidelines are needed to enable designers to choose appropriate colors for information display. The purpose of the present study is to determine which colors are the most eye-catching in displays that employ icon matrices and thereby provide empirical grounds for strengthening the visual information structure of interface designs. Three attributes of color, which include hue, tone, and color combinations, are examined to optimize the color saliency in information displays. An eye-tracking study was conducted to objectively evaluate saliency by analyzing fixations of visual attention. The results of the present study can be applied in designing electronic interfaces that display icon matrices to create effective communication by guiding visual attention and increasing aesthetic satisfaction.

Choi, K. & Suk, H. J. (2015). “Optimal employment of color attributes to achieve saliency in icon matrix designs.” Color Research & Application, 40(5), 429-436.