Kynan Eng

I’m working on various technology startups, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Most of this work occurs at the interface between neuroscience, engineering and human-computer interaction.

My short bio is as follows: Currently co-founder and CEO at iniVation, chairman at aiCTX and QuantActions; board member at iniLabs, advisor for Karuna VR and We Are Play Lab. Degrees in science (comp. sci., applied math.) and mechanical engineering at Monash University (Melbourne), PhD from Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH Zurich. Part-time faculty at Uni/ETH Zurich, formerly ran research group investigating neuroscience and medical applications of VR (published 42 peer-reviewed scientific articles), before moving to transition technology to tech startups. Previously worked in software consulting, software testing for a partner of Telstra, gas turbine design at ABB and Alstom, intern at GM Australia. Earlier startup YouRehab acquired by Reha-Stim.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and Twitter.