Kynan Eng

I’m working on various technology startups, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Most of this work occurs at the interface between neuroscience, engineering and human-computer interaction.

My short bio is as follows: Now CEO at iniVation, chairman at aiCTX and QuantActions; advisor for Karuna VR. Degrees in science (comp. sci., applied math.) and mechanical engineering at Monash University (Melbourne), PhD from Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH Zurich. On part-time faculty at Uni/ETH Zurich, formerly ran a research group investigating neuroscience and medical applications of VR, before moving to transition technology to tech startups. Previously worked in software consulting, software testing for a partner of Telstra, gas turbine design at ABB and Alstom, intern at GM Australia. So far started five technology companies (others are iniLabs, YouRehab [acquired by Reha-Stim]) and published 42 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and Twitter.