Kyle G. Pressel

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I was an atmospheric scientist in the Climate Dynamics Group at Caltech. Previously I worked as a post-doctoral scholar with Tapio Schneider at ETH Zürich from 2014-2016 and at Caltech from 2012-2014. I earned my PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley in 2012, where I studied the spatial variability of water vapor in Earth's atmosphere while working under William D. Collins as part of the Climate Change Physics Group.

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My research uses some of the largest computers on Earth to gain fundamental understanding of the dynamics of clouds and their role in determining the present and future climate. The primary motivation of my work is to reduce uncertainties in predictions of climate change. I am the initial and primary developer of a novel open source cloud large eddy simulation (LES) code designed from the outset for climate studies. This code, called PyCLES, serves as the primary tool for my work. Recently, among other things, I have been using a general circulation model to drive LES in order to explore cloud feedbacks in a physically realizable framework.

The banner above shows shallow cumulus clouds simulated by PyCLES. For more visualizations of PyCLES data see Visualization.

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