Cost-Share Programs

Heavy Use Area Program

The purpose of this program is to help provide Fayette County landowners with the means to repair gateways and other heavy use areas to reduce degradation and soil erosion using non-woven geotextile filter fabric and rock.

The County Agricultural Investment Program uses funds originated from the tobacco settlement to assist farmers with activities that will help generate income, add value to products and diversify their operation. The application period for CAIP 2018 is now closed, but check back this fall for the 2019 application and guidelines.

This program was developed to solve the issue of disease and contamination coming from decomposing animal carcasses left near bodies of water. The Fayette County Conservation District will reimburse up to a certain amount for the removal of dead livestock.

The goal of this program is to address existing soil erosion, water quality, and other environmental issues on privately owned land. Funds are administered by the Fayette County Conservation District and the KY Soil and Water Conservation Commission with priority given to animal waste issues, agricultural district participants and to producers who have their Agriculture Water Quality plans on file with their local conservation districts.