2021 Scholarship Program

$1,000 Summer 2021 Scholarship Deadline: Apply by JUNE 15, 2021


Applicant must be a valid resident of Fayette County, KY / "permanent" resident: students living in Fayette County *only* to attend school ARE NOT ELIGIBLE; must be a "rising senior" (entering senior year of High School) or a 2021 High School graduate; student should have the sincere intention to pursue a college major in agriculture, natural resources, environmental science, or related discipline; must possess a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher.

To Apply:

Submit the following materials to Kimberly Monahan, Kimberly@KYfccd.com by June 15, 2021

1) completed application (include a separate page for clubs, jobs, etc. if applicable)

2) a copy of your most recent report card including your name, your High School's name, and your GPA

3) 450-500 word essay on the assigned topic

Essay Topic Summer 2021:

Please discuss your specific education and career goals within agriculture, conservation, or environmental science disciplines. We will be looking for proven knowledge of your field of study, in a well-organized essay.

This program is offered by FCCD to fund a one-time scholarship payment of $1,000.00.

Two second place awards of $500.00 will also be granted on a one-time basis.

SUMMER 2021 Scholarship Application.pdf