Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Plan

Do you own 10 acres or more of land in Kentucky for agriculture or forestry production?

If yes, you are required to have an Ag Water Quality Plan.

Complete the producer workbook and self certification which can be found here.

Submit both to our office by emailing

In order for you to participate in many of our programs, we will have to have the completed workbook and self certification on file.

If you would like assistance filling out your workbook, call our office at 859-233-0194 Ext. 3 to make an appointment.

KY Ag Water Quality Act

The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act was enacted by the 1994 General Assembly. This law guides the state’s agriculture and silviculture industries in efforts to address water quality issues and protect surface and groundwater resources. The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act created the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Authority, which consists of member farmer and industry representatives and state agencies and organizations.

The KAWQA effects all landowners and land users with 10 or more acres being used for agriculture or silviculture operations. Anyone in this category is required to develop and implement an Ag Water Quality plan using best management practices.

The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Statewide Plan is the guidance document consisting of best management practices for different agricultural operations. This statewide plan serves as a guide to individual landowners as they develop water quality plans for their operations. To view the Kentucky Ag Water Quality Statewide Plan, click here.

The Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act Producer Workbook is an interactive tool that can be used by landowners decide which BMPs to include in their individual plans. This workbook can be accessed here.

As the Conservation District for Fayette County we can provide technical assistance to landowners to help implement Ag Water Quality Plans.

Financial assistance for implementing BMPs may be available through one of our water quality related Cost-Share Programs.

For more information regarding Ag Water Quality Plans for KY, visit the link below: