What's a conservation district?

A conservation district is a small entity focused on environmental concerns in a specific area. Kentucky has 121 local conservation districts, which have a responsibility to coordinate assistance from all available sources in an effort to develop locally-driven solutions to natural resource concerns.

What is the difference between a conservation district and the National Resource Conservation Services (NRCS)?

Conservation districts are funded through the local and state government, whereas the NRCS is a federal USDA agency. Each provides different programs, but we partner together to provide services for the entire Fayette County agriculture community.

How are you funded?

We are funded by a portion of Fayette County's property taxes, as well as from some state funding.

How do I become a Conservation District Supervisor?

Once a term has expired, the applicant would need to complete a petition from the county clerk's office, obtain a minimum of 25 signatures from local registered voters, and submit the petition to the county clerk by July.

Can someone come and speak to my classroom or group?

We are available to speak on a variety of subjects. Please contact us to schedule a topic and date for your classroom or group.