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In the competition, all the qualified participants are asked to defend IT systems of a fictional country’s e-services.

Each attendee will have access to a small pre-designed IT environment with different built in vulnerabilities. Simulated cyber criminals will start to attack that environment. The participant’s main goal will be to keep all the IT services up and running and defend the infrastructure.

The Cyber Siege Challenge final round is designed for 50 concurrent participants.

Each participant gets access to the RangeForce cyber simulation platform where everyone has their own small isolated network with vulnerable servers and services.

The Online Qualification Round and Cyber Siege Challenge will assess:

  • Unhindered functioning of the systems being protected;

  • Attack-proofing of the systems - known vulnerabilities are patched;

  • ​Recovery after incidents - the systems must be back online after dealing with a successful attack;

  • Finding vulnerabilities in the organization's information systems;

  • Attacker identification - IP addresses, log records pointing at the perpetrators.

Prerequisites for the participant

The following acronyms and concepts should be known to the participant in order to successfully participate in the competition​: OWASP top 10 risks, Ubuntu GNU/Linux CLI, SSH, IP networking, Web applications.