EST - KüberNaaskel 2019

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Statistics of this year paticipants:

  • 80 students from the younger group
  • 52 participants from the older group
  • 10 residents
  • 8 foreners (Malta, Austria, UK)
  • Out of 150 participants 24 are female - its our record!




  • You must be 14-20 years old at 31.12.2019 (younger group) or 21-25 years old at 31.12.2019 (older group) and be an Estonian citizen or resident to compete in the virtual Qualification round and be part of Final Round.
  • Only Estonian citizens can participate in the European Cyber Security Challenge Estonian Qualification.
  • Working language: ENGLISH

Qualification Round

Qualification round’s purpose is to determine contestants knowledge and skills for the final competition. Contestants will be scored and ranked based on their score and time used for solving given tasks. Qualification round will be held from 4.03.-10.03.2019.

· Contestants will able to access the competition environment remotely, from their home, school etc.

· Information about accessing the competition environment will be sent to the email address provided in the registration form.

· There will be four main tasks in the qualification round.

· Every competitor will be given four continuous hours to do the tasks, the countdown starts when you log in.

· Every competitor's progress during the round is saved automatically.

· Solutions will be evaluated automatically. Time used for solutions is factored into the final result of the contestant.

· Cheaters will be disqualified from the competition.

Final Round

Final round’s purpose is to determine the best cyber defenders and will take place on 12.06.2019 at TalTech IT College.

· Best 50 contestants from the qualification round, based on their final score, will advance to the final round. Before announcing the participants of the Final round, you need to send information for verification, when asked.

  • We hope to invite: (but the numbers can change because of the scoring)
    • 20 people from age group 14-19 (citizens)
    • up to 20 people from age group 20-24 (citizens)
    • up to 10 residents from age group 14-24 (NB! usually 4-5 will exeed)

· Competition will be held in the TalTech IT College premises. TalTech IT College computer classes will be used.

· The final round will last for 4 hours.

· After completing the final competition a final ranking list will be confirmed and checked by the jury of the Cyber Spike team. After final confirmation, the best cyber defenders of the year 2019 will be announced at the TalTech Cyber Conference.

Lisainfo: ECSC Eesti eelvoorus saavad osaleda 14-24 aastased Eesti kodanikud (noorem ja vanem vanuseklass, võistleja peab olema selles vanuses 31.12.2019). St. kui Eesti saadab esinduse rahvusvahelisele võistlusele European Cyber Security Challenge-le (Rumeenia/Bukarest oktoober), siis kutsutakse parimad põhivõistlusel osalenud osalejad koolitusprogrammi, mille lõpuks selgub Eesti esindusmeeskond. Info:

Extra information: To be part of the full ECSC experience you need to be 14-24 year old Estonian citizen (NB! You must be in that age 31.12.2019.). If Estonia will send national team to ECSC (Romania/Bucharest October), then best from the main competition are invited to the training program. In the end of the training program the national team will be formed. Info: