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Results of the main competition

Results of the main CyberSpike competition:

I place - Artur Luik (TTÜ)

II place - Georg Kahest (TTÜ)

III place - Martin Širokov (Tallinna Tehnikagümnaasium)

Best young talents are invited to the CyberCamp and international competitions, that is supported by Estonian Internet Foundation and other sponsors. Best of the subgroups: prizes from Telia and PhotoPoint/SpeedLink.

Pictures from Edmond Mäll - click here

Pictures from Romil Rõbtšenkov - click here

14-19 year old:

I – Martin Širokov (Tallinna Tehnikagümnaasium)

II – Martin Saar (Tallinn Polytechnic School)

III – Mark Vainomaa (Väike-Maarja Gümnaasium)

20-24 year old

I – Artur Luik (TTÜ)

II – Oliver Kikas (Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre, teacher)

III – Kendi Paet

Invited to the CyberCamp - https://sites.google.com/view/kyberolympia/ajalugu/v%C3%B5istlus-2018/cybercamp

25-30 year old

I – Georg Kahest (TTÜ)

II – Kristjan Leotoots (Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre, teacher)

III – Taavi Ilves


I – Yari Saber

II – Abasi-Amefon Obot Affia (TTÜ)

III – Ephrem Getachew Demesa (TTÜ)

All participants will recieve a certificate and other prizes from our supporters. Main supporters are Ministry of Defence and Estonian Internet Foundation.

Project is assigned to be implemented by Tallinn University of Technology >>Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security .

Contacts: Birgy Lorenz - birgy.lorenz@ttu.ee

People that continue their path to be part of Team Estonia - international competitions like European Cyber Security Challenge in 14.-18.10.2018 in UK/London http://ecsc.eu/ and "Youth-Estonia-Team" (students from gymnasium level) will take place also USA Cyber Patriot online competiton 2018-19 https://www.uscyberpatriot.org/ Main supporter of the international competitions is Estonian Internet Foundation and Ministry of Defence. Supporters of the CyberCamp are Malwarebytes, BSC Estonia, F-Secure, Kehtna KHK, TTÜ, Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association and Zone Media.

CyberCamp participants: Heino Sass Hallik, Taavi Eomäe, Jürgen Laks, Artur Luik + 18 contestants from CyberSpike 2018 will be announced soon!

Read more about the CyberCamp - click here