Online preliminary round results

Online preliminary round was held 6.-8. March 2018.

The main competition will be held 12.06.2018 at TTÜ IT Kolledž - click here

Author and founder of Cyber Olympic and a major supporter is Republic of Estonia Ministry of Defence.

CyberOlympics is organized by Tallinn University of Technology Centre for Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.

The competition is technicaly organized by Estonian Defense Forces CyberRange.

Prizes: first three places will be granted a trophy and will be announced as CyberSpike winners.

Additional prizes: selected 14-19-year-old (younger group) and 20-24 (older group) participants are invited to the CyberCamp that will be held 25.-29.06.2018 NB! You must be in that age 31.12.2018.

In the CyberCamp the "Team Estonia" will be assembled with 5 younger and 5 older team members. Team Estonia will take part European Cyber Security Challenge in 14.-18.10.2018 in UK/London and "Youth-Estonia-Team" (students from gymnasium level) will take place also USA Cyber Patriot online competiton 2018-19 Main supporter of the international competitions is Estonian Internet Foundation.

Team Estonia participates in Singapore competition 8.-11.06.2018, members exeed directly to CyberCamp, that is held on 26.-29.06.2018. Members are: Heino Sass Hallik, Tallinn University of Technology; Taavi Eomäe, University of Tartu; Jürgen Laks, University of Tartu; Mikk-Markus Metsis.

Results of online preliminary round: up to 50 participants out of 170 were invited to continue their journey in the main competition. Best will recieve prices, winners recieve also CyberSpike Cup (Top 3) and best 20 (two age groups 14-19 and 20-24) are invited to CyberCamp, where the Team Estonia will be announced. CyberCamp will take place 26.-29.06.2018. Other special trainings will be also provided to the best of the best starting from August.

Names are presented alphabetically by peoples first name.

  • Abasi-Amefon Affia Obot, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Ahto Luuri
  • Arnold Kell, Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre
  • Artur Luik, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Artur Silver Noobel
  • Bitchiko Kodua, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Dmitri Plotnikov, Maardu Gümnaasium
  • Ephrem Getachew Demesa, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Ervin German Žitnikov, Maardu Gümnaasium
  • Georg Kahest, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Greg Nesselmann, University of Tallinn
  • Henri Annilo, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Henri Ots
  • Herman Õunapuu, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Indrek Haavik, Tallinn Polytechnic School
  • Janar Juusu, University of Tartu
  • Jasper Rebane, Pelgulinna Gümnaasium
  • Johannes Kadak, TTÜ Tartu Kolledž
  • Joonas Leemet, Pärnu Rääma Põhikool
  • Joosep Hook, University of Tartu
  • Karl Erik Õunapuu, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Karl Martin Teras, University of Tartu
  • Karl-Joan Alesma, Viljandi Gümnaasium
  • Kendi Paet
  • Kevin Kuusemets, Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre
  • Kristjan Variksoo, Jõgevamaa Gümnaasium
  • Kristjan Leotoots, Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre
  • Kristofer Kurvits, University of Tartu
  • Margo Möls, University of Tartu
  • Mark Vainomaa, Väike-Maarja Gümnaasium
  • Markkus Millend, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Martin Saar, Tallinn Polytechnic School
  • Martin Širokov, Tallinna Tehnikagümnaasium
  • Mohammad Agha Sulaiman Zai, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Oliver Kikas
  • Patrik Maldre
  • Raido Leilop, Tallinna Kuristiku Gümnaasium
  • Rao Zvorovski, University of Tartu
  • Raul Tambre, Viljandi Gümnaasium
  • Rauno Kruus
  • Saber Yari
  • Semjon Kravtšenko, Kohtla-Järve Järve Vene Gümnaasium
  • Siim Smirnov
  • Taavi Ilves
  • Tanel Peep, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Tim Jaanson, Tallinn University
  • Urmo Lihten, Tallinn University of Technology