Welcome to Avacal!

Avacal is a Kingdom within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) comprised of the Provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of British Columbia. The SCA is an international organization devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century life, encouraging its participants to employ a knowledge of history to enrich their lives and the lives of others through events, demonstrations, and other educational venues. As an organization the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) values the principles of chivalry, honour, personal integrity, and artistry idealized in pre-Seventeenth century culture and society.

What is the Known World Rapier and Costuming Symposium?

A symposium is a convention of sorts, dedicated to learning and teaching particular concepts within the SCA. Attendees have access to a plethora of teachers from varied backgrounds and disciplines within the topic of the Symposium, in this case Rapier combat and Costuming.

How is this different from, say, an Expo? Though there may be some overlap with other popular recreational activities such as LARPing and Cosplaying, as a society we try to faithfully recreate pre-seventeenth century methods of Combat, Clothing, Arts, Cooking and many more disciplines.

If you are interested in learning about the vast and broad history of societies across the globe, enjoy trying new things and the company of like minded individuals this is the event for you! All are welcome!

Symposium Location

The Edmonton Inn and Conference Centre

A large, centrally located facility in Edmonton, Alberta with 260 guest rooms, several conference rooms, and an onsite restaurant.

Date and Time

April 17th-20th, 2020

Please go here for room rates

Welcome to the SCA

Curious? Watch as we bring the Modern Middle Ages to Life!

Join us whether you are new or a veteran in celebrating and perpetuating our common Dream!

Rapier combat in the Society attempts to recreate styles of swordfighting from the later part of the Middle Ages, often based on manual and theories of combat that have survived to this day. Rapier combat uses a foundation of style and finesse that has since evolved into the modern sport of fencing. Unlike the modern sport, our combat uses a wide variety of weapons and body protection and our combat takes place with freedom of movement in any direction. Rapier combat can be found in both tournaments of individual and team combatants and in larger melees and wars!

Like armored combat, rapier combat in the Society is based on a system of honor and chivalry. Because the combat is full speed and unchoreographed, the combatants themselves determine if the attacks they receive were successful based on the angle, location, and force of the strike. Safety officers, known as marshals, are always on hand to ensure that the combat is performed safely and to ensure that all equipment used meets established safety standards.

Within the SCA, costuming choices are as wide and varied as its members and there is something for every personal style. Whether your tastes lie with the simplicity of the Anglo-Saxon chiton of the tenth century or the fitted European cotehardie of the fourteenth century, with the Celtic knot work embroidered garments so popular in the Viking Age or the grandeur of sixteenth century Elizabethan fashion, you will most assuredly find a costumer who shares your passion and is willing to guide you.

Costuming is one of the most effective vehicles to transport us visually from the modern to the medieval world and so costumers feel pride in creating wearable art that adds to the medieval ambiance that is so enjoyed within the SCA.