I wear many hats and enjoy every minute of it.

These include, but are not limited to being a father to 3 daughters, a husband, teacher, educational technology/blended learning coach and boat captain. I am a lifelong Rhode Islander currently working as a 6th grade teacher.

My classroom practice is rooted in solid pedagogy, remaining flexible and reflection. What works for my kids and more importantly, what doesn't?

My player's coach approach to working with students is due in part because I was "that kid" - easily distracted, fidgety and hard to focus. I was always busy with what I thought was engaging. If you gave me Legos, tools or a piece of tech there was no limit to what I could produce.

In hindsight, I can only imagine how beneficial a more personalized and blended approach to my learning in the classroom would have been.

kwilsonedtech.com documents my experiences, observations and as part of my own blended learning odyssey.

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