September 2018

Print Competition Category

"Photographer's Choice"


Old Reliable


Nick Lowe

Score 71/90

Judges' comments;

Excellent exposure, good perspective, could have removed the tag.

Come by Kate Holmes - 2nd Place

Score 70/90

Judges' comments;

Good leading lines. An anchor subject would help, print seemed a little dark. Better title would help steer judges. Cropping the top would help boost the subject.

Boat in Carlton-Sur-Mer by Nick Lowe- 3rd Place

Score 69/90

Judges' comments;

Nothing off about the image. Lacks interest, maybe someone in the boat.

Good Times

Score: 68/90

Judges' comments;

Good image, slightly out of focus or some motion blur.

Good mood and capture of intimate moment. Could crop out the bottom 2”. Try B&W?

Fast Joey

Score: 68/90

Judges' comments;

Good pan. To much highlights, a little more room would help composition.

Surf’s Up

Score: 67/90

Judges' comments;

Good capture, could crop out the shore line and leave a little more room in front of the skier.

Seen Better Days

Score: 66/90

Judges' comments;

Dark and moody, good DOF.

If light is subject crop it in more.

Mill Through the Pane

Score: 66/90

Judges' comments;

Good photo. Lack of definite subject matter (building, old glass?) more view of outside building may help.

Bridge Over High Water

Score: 59/90

Judges' comments;

Photo is sharp, well exposed and well balanced. A wider view would create more interest, work the scene to reduce the branches leaking in the sides. A bit more contrast in B&W.

Head Over Hoofs

Score: 58/90

Judges' comments;

Good action shot. Photo may work better as in landscape. Out of focus.

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