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Activity Waiver for 2017-18


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Monthly Assignment Project 2018-19

Scavenger Hunt 2018

Helpful Documents

Obtaining EXIF Data From Digital Files.pdf

Renaming Files For Entry.pdf

Instruction by Doug McLean - AF Tuning for Supported Nikon Cameras


It is considered a privilege and honour to evaluate another person's photography. Evaluation is offered in a constructive spirit with a sincere desire to help the photographer improve their photography skills.

Judging in the KVCC is based on three separate criteria, creativity and impact (interest), technical, and composition.

INTEREST is the accumulated "wow" factor. It is a measure of how well the image elicits feelings with the viewer or it is a measure of the impact the image provides. It can include subject matter, viewpoints, special lighting, or/and imaginative use of colour and form.

TECHNICAL includes items like exposure, focus/sharpness, and depth of field, but it is in how these settings compliment the image that count.

COMPOSITION is how well other items within the image support the main subject. Flaws like unintentional crooked horizons, intruding elements, distracting hot spots, partial subject clipping, and secondary competing subjects all detract from the image. Main subject placement can either strengthen the image or weaken it in the presentation.

The KVCC is conducting a "print" competition. Once the three important criteria above are considered, one other thing that is just as important is presentation. If the submitted print is poor, has a colour cast, is too bright or too dark, is incorrectly sized, or has other obvious flaws it will still be judged based solely on the print that is submitted by the photographer, flaws and all. That makes it very important for the photographer to insure the print submitted presents exactly what they had in their minds eye.

SCORING for the KVCC gives equal weighting for the above three criteria. Each criteria is scored out of 10 and the three values are added to give a judge's score. Typically, the club uses three judges for each competition. The score from each judge is added to give a total score out of a possible 90 points.

Club Mentoring Program

The club has initiated a mentoring program to help spread the wealth of photographic knowledge within the membership. If you have a photography or equipment question send it to with a detailed question. Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate volunteer for an answer.

** Please use the title "KVCC Mentoring Program" so your email does not get missed.

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