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Because we are nothing without our friends

Lady Jocelyn d'Orleans is a scribe in the Kingdom of the West. She likes to paint late-period art, knit modern acceories, sew Elizabethan Garb and cook. She loves to perform service as a scribe, but is also known to dabble in other period mediums such as oils and watercolors. This Website is both a blog and portfolio of her art, and serves as a place to put descriptions of classes she teaches.

Alias Ela is an educator, musician, artist, and general sheep enthusiast who uses her academic training and craft/art skills to embark on experimental archaeology. Her interests include fiber arts, music, translation, literature, and illumination, especially 500-1100 in the British Isles, 1350-1425 in Great Britain and France, and 1450-1600 in the Ottoman Empire. She is particularly interested in cultural exchange and connections.

Lady Clara Brauer is a scribe and garb enthusiast. Her persona is late 16th century tavern-owner in Bremen, Germany. Fortunately she is able to read and write thanks to her progressive parents and is able to run the tavern after the untimely death of her husband of an unspecified fever. Website documents her projects like garb, hats, baking, and scrolls.

is a poet and musician. Here, you’ll find a somewhat haphazard collection of texts, documentation, class notes, and music for voice, harp and lyre. Someday if she gets her poop together she may record some YouTube videos, but today is not that day! Iselda also directs The Shire Quire. Email her at for rehearsal times, details, and general questions.

Noble Sarah la Malade is a historical costumer with a focus in the mid to late 15th century, in Florence, Burgundy, and England. They also enjoy the bardic arts, composing their own songs and music, as well as original poetry. They also have a particular fascination with late period Italian proto-opera/staged madrigals, and early opera.

Shiki (aka Kame) is developing a 16th Century Ryukyu Kingdom persona in the SCA. Her interests include clothing, fiber arts, music, storytelling, and language. In addition, she is interested in sensitively portraying a colonized culture with a complex history.

This website documents Lady Adelaide Half Pint’s A&S activities in the SCA. It focuses primarily on 14th Century garb but dabbles in other time periods as well as scribal, service, and miscellanea.