Temperature & Humidity Monitoring RPi Sensor Shield

Developed a unique shield for monitoring mealworms using 6 individual DH22 (temperature & humidity) sensor hard-wired using 6P4C RJ11 Telephone cables to a custom shield mounted on top of a Raspberry Pi.


Thermal Control Membrane (TCM) | SOLAR TECH

Built a unique Thermal Control Membrane product that can be mounted onto any new or existing mono/poly-crystalline solar panel(s) in order to increase panel(s) power output efficiency.


Dual-Axis Solar System

Designed from ground-up a compact, functional and low-cost dual axis solar energy system comprising mostly of PVC piping and custom 3D printed parts.


Desktop Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Machine

Designed and built a custom portable Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine which is used to amplify segments of DNA for determining strains of bad DNA or using this method to experiment for drugs to find cure for diseases.

Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3

Mostly 3D Printed CNC Machine (MPCNC)

Built an open-source 3' x 2' x 1' CNC Machine using 3D Printed Parts. This machine can also be used as a Cartesian 3D printer, Laser Cutter, Engraver, Plotter, Vinyl Cutter, Foam Cutter and more. Other unique features of this project is that you can easily scale up/down the workspace as well as quick-swap method of changing work function.


Delta 3D Printer

Designed and built from scratch a 1m tall and 0.4m diameter delta 3D printer. Used SolidWorks for machine design, modelling and fabrication of parts to size. Incorporated custom sourced electrical and electronic components for operation of the printer. Finally, used Repetier Host and OS for operating and calibrating our machine for 3D printing.


OctoPi CNC/3D Printer Raspberry Pi Remote Management and Monitoring

Setup a custom OctoPi variant on a Raspberry Pi for monitoring and operating of a Prusa i3 Cartesian 3D printing machine.


3D Printed Humanoid Robot (InspiRED Robotics)

Designed and built the main electrical power control circuitry and board for operating the robot.

Human Robot Interaction (HRI) using Drones

Helped with SolidWorks CADD for quick prototyping of parts for drones and mounting gear on to them during HRI tests.

Microcontroller Controlled 120V AC Electrical Outlet

Built an Solid State Relay Controlled AC Wall Outlet for the MPCNC Router tool, in order for it to be controlled using a microcontroller for switching on and off, for example, a spindle in this case.


Multi-use Jigsaw | Table & Vertical Band saw

Converted a jigsaw into a table/vertical band saw configuration

IoT Coffee Maker

This Hi-Tech coffee maker auto-brews your coffee via commands from the internet!

DIY Raspberry Pi Intruder Sensor

Our own DIY security system will let the club members know by remote monitoring when and how many people have entered and left the MakerCube Space

Industrial Robotic Arm Prototype

This is a programmable robotic arm which will be strong enough to move a camera to take shots that aren’t possible with human hands alone. And the best part is, it’s going to be cheaper than anything else you can find on the market today!

LED Cube

8x8x8 LED Cube

Gardening Robot | EthnoRobotanist

Ethnorobotanics is an automated, intelligent, and customizable system to water a garden. It is also web enabled for data logging purposes. The ‘robotonist’ will water the plant according to a user- defined soil humidity threshold which is set remotely through a web portal/mobile application.