The Kurdish Mathematical Society offers an online course on the Python programming language. This will be a comprehensive course covering the fundamentals of Python programming as well as advanced topis and features. The course will be delivered online and is curated to be thoroughly interactive with live lessons, exercises, assignments and projects. Students will have the chance to ask their questions in real time during the lectures while they are writing and compiling their codes following the given tasks.

We recently concluded an enriching Summer school on mathematical physics, featuring esteemed instructor Prof. Ebrahim Karimi from the University of Ottawa. Over the course, participants eagerly delved into the intricate world of mathematical physics through a series of 13 insightful lectures, each spanning a comprehensive two-hour session. Prof. Karimi's expertise and engaging teaching style made this Summer school an intellectually stimulating and unforgettable experience for all involved.

The 1st KMS Workshop on Applied Mathematics (KMSAM2023) will be held virtually on May 07-09, 2023, with the main scope of helping to advance scientific research within the broad field of applied mathematics. This workshop will focus on major trends and challenges in "Dynamical Systems" and "Geometrical and Topological Data Analysis", presenting works aiming at identifying new directions of research. We hope the workshop will provide a unique opportunity for in-depth technical discussions and the exchange of ideas in all areas involving mathematical and computational sciences. Please use the link below to register for the workshop. 

KMS seminars  is a series of seminars being curated by the Kurdish Mathematical Society, with an audience of about 200+, made up of Kurdish students and researchers in mathematics. Our goal is to strengthen mathematical education and promote mathematical research and its applications.