Kundalini yoga is dangerous?

In the past, ‘Kundalini’ surrounded by the mystery of ‘Dangerous’ was hidden within the words. This was classified in its transformative power. Within you ‘Kundalini energy’ becomes active when the truly powerful and have the potential invincibility. Very aware, awake, as the owner of a clear mind, if used by other forces becomes impossible.

The life force, the Kundalini Yogi or spiritual process, with the increase of sensitivity and intuitive awareness, essential in the life of every people, which gave birth to a living process. Real, natural and humane! No matter who we are, where we live, we live, we all desire the thing that this process is being activated in our lives with the true sense of creativity and are concerned with opening up our true potential.

This process is the person that will awaken to who you are and what you do is a process. Who am I really? Me what is my potential? It, never, we can understand by thinking about it. Our understanding of our normal thinking state of knowledge of that which is beyond our power, however, we will be able to obtain experience. Experiences, shallow, superficial, linear thoughts from the field, deep, vertical space with all the facilities a field, potentially with a pass is obtained.

At different levels problems of insecurity and depression in a state of excellence both individually and together as a whole we our own happiness, our Vitality, our expectations are a lot higher, you need to raise the bar. These are the things most deneyimlettig of Kundalini Yoga in the US.

‘Raj yoga’ Kundalini yoga to awaken their consciousness, emitting love themselves and fill it with the vibrations of love and intelligence in those with the others, for upgrade, will have the effect of elevating. Thus, both personally and with satisfaction, and achieve prosperity, you will be able to thrive and succeed. Together, mutual kosulsuzluk, yargisizlik, humility and creativity from a natural area based on shared life experiences, expands further while derinlesip, individual, familial, environmental, social, ecological and universal dimensions of the miraculous developments in earthly contribution.

To experience the self, different posters, mudras, mantras, meditation and breath work with an energetic level are expanding, upgrading slows down your breath and calm the mind when we make and, ultimately, the entire system begins to relax. We're starting to think clearer when you loosen everything up, our electromagnetic field Equipments, expanding ourselves, we're starting to feel like ourselves. You can earn even in KY it is only a single class!

On this occasion, you, February, we will see in the months of March and April, for free ‘Kundalini yoga burn reviews and meditation’ workshop invite you to... the renewing of 2017, amplifier, actuator, please make a gift to yourself for this opportunity to be attuned to the qualities !!!