kool khersan Canyon, Dezful's Ghost valley

kool khersan(khersoon), Dezful's Ghost valley or Ashkoft zarde

The kool khersan(khersoon) canyon is more than 200 meters deep and its walls are covered with Siavoshan herbs and waterfalls and beautifully watered canyons. The entrance to kool khersan(khersoon) is covered with trees (Cedar) and palm trees, and the massive gravestones and grapevine trees and wildlife figs have made kool khersan(khersoon) look like strange canyons of films.

Atmosphere of kool khersan(khersoon)

By entering kool khersan(khersoon), you will only see the corners of the sky, because the walls of this canyon are very close to each other. Sometimes your eyes fall into the rocks and trunks of trees that have been displaced by the flood and brought into the canyon, but this is not all. When you look at the top of your head, you will notice a number of them due to the stench of the canyon at the top Your head is stuck. The total of these works creates an irresistible atmosphere that increases adrenal blood and gives you an unforgettable experience of excitement.

The farther the walls get louder and the sky feels less, and this may give a scary state to the canyon. That's why some people have been given the title "Ghost valley" to Kashan Yalda or kool khersan(khersoon).

Attention about kool khersan(khersoon)

Be careful when choosing to travel to kool khersan(khersoon). Just choose the wrong season to get stuck in the flood of the area that reaches up to 15 meters in the canyon full of water. Be sure to check the weather forecasts before going, and make sure there is no rainfall on the days of travel to the valley.

Along the way, sometimes the strait is so narrow that it only allows one person to pass, and sometimes so wide that you can see a vast sky over your head. On the other side of the wall, the walls of the two sides collide at the top of your head, and almost the sky disappears, giving way to a scary state.

Path to Dez:End of kool khersan(khersoon)

The canyon eventually leads to the Dez River. From the beginning of the walk to the beginning of the kool khersan(khersoon), there is about 4 km of hiking in a relatively rough path. There is a relatively large distance of about 10 km from the beginning of the kool khersan(khersoon) to its end and reaching the Dez River. At the end of the canyon, the surface of the water gradually increased so that the route should swim. Due to the high flow of the Dez River, approaching the Dez River is extremely dangerous, and it is better for people to only navigate the safe parts of the canyon.

One of the attractions of the Cole Khersoon valley; After navigating canyon, at the end of it, a crested cavernous canyon appeared shaped like a tunnel, bringing you to the bottom of a gaze called Gohar. The pond is 50 meters long and 3 meters wide and reaches the Dez River.

How to go kool khersan(khersoon)

The canyon of "kool khersan(khersoon)", "Ghost valley" or “Ashkoft zarde" is an amazing canyon in Dezful, 25 kilometers from the city of Dezful, and on the road to this city, it has not reached the shrine. In the warm summer season, you can experience temperatures below 20 degrees. Drinking the wall fountains of this valley has become a gorgeous canyon. The canyon has permanent water, cascade, abacane, bayzar and various kinds of special events in the area.

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