Join us on September 15-16, 2017

50th anniversary of the Linguistics Department!

60 years of instruction in Linguistics at KU!

Mark your calendars and start planning your trip to Lawrence

to celebrate these milestones in the department’s history

Program - Linguistics 50th Anniversary celebration

All activities take place in the Carnegie Building in downtown Lawrence (200 W. 9th Street) unless noted otherwise.

FRIDAY, Sept. 15th

5:30 – 6:00 Registration

6:00 – 6:30 Opening remarks

Prof. Joan A. Sereno, Chair

Prof. Frances Ingemann, founding Chair

Former Chairs: Prof. David Dinneen, Prof. Clifton Pye, Prof. Allard Jongman

6:30 – 7:30 Welcome reception

7:30 Dinner (on your own)

SATURDAY, Sept. 16th

9:30 - noon Open house and tours on KU campus

Linguistics Department Blake Hall, 4th floor

KU Phonetics and Psycholinguistics Laboratory Blake Hall, basement

Second Language Acquisition Laboratory 4035 Dole Human Development Center

Neurolinguistics and Language Processing Laboratory 4037 Dole Human Development Center

Developmental Psycholinguistics Laboratory 4062 Dole Human Development Center

Second Language Processing and Eye-tracking 4068 Dole Human Development Center


Program in Carnegie Building

Noon – 1:30 Lunch

1:30 – 3:00 Poster session

Jonah Bates (University of Kansas)

One possessor, Two agreements: Multiple person exponence in Tseltal Mayan

Kelly Berkson, Stuart Davis and Alyssa Strickler (Indiana University)

Phonetic /ay/-Raising in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Olga Dmitrieva1, Alexis Nicole Tews1, Joan A. Sereno2 and Allard Jongman2 (1Purdue University and 2University of Kansas)

Production of obstruent voicing by American learners of Russian

JP Doherty (University of Kansas)

Pieces of the periphery

Nicholas Feroce, Lauren Covey, Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino (University of Kansas)

Working memory modulates the processing of referential ambiguity in Spanish: An ERP investigation

David Kummer (University of Kansas)

Control and related constructions in Ibibio

Jiang Liu (University of South Carolina)

ERP study of native and non-native speakers’ visual recognition of Chinese characters

Stephen Politzer-Ahles (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

What kind of "context" is scalar inference realization sensitive to?

Clifton L. Pye and Hiba E. Gharib (University of Kansas)

Clitics in Sorani Kurdish

Charles Redmon, Allard Jongman and Michael Vitevitch (University of Kansas)

Towards a topology of phonetic contrast: Quantifying the information encoded by acoustic cues across items in the lexicon

Seulgi Shin and Annie Tremblay (University of Kansas)

The effect of prosodic structure on lexical access: An investigation of Korean denasalization

Harold Torrence (University of California Los Angeles)

The morpho-syntax of copying in factive clauses in Seereer

Xiao Yang, Robert Fiorentino and Utako Minai (University of Kansas)

Effects of context and individual differences on the interpretation of the quantifier some

3:00 – 3:45 Coffee, tea, refreshments

3:45 – 5:25 Talks

3:45 Anita Herzfeld (University of Kansas)

Space and socialization in bilingual individuals: Limonese Creole in Spanish-speaking Costa Rica

4:05 Cornelia Paraskevas (Western Oregon University)

What can Linguistics offer the ELA teacher? Threshold concepts for the 21st century classroom

4:25 Wendy Herd (Mississippi State University)

Sociophonetic variation in Mississippi: Gender, ethnicity, and prevoiced plosives

4:45 Philip T. Duncan (University of Kansas)

What contrastively focused anticausatives and reciprocals say about each other in Ibibio

5:05 Lauren Covey, Alison Gabriele and Robert Fiorentino (University of Kansas)

Tracking the dynamics of wh-dependency resolution inside and outside of islands: An ERP investigation

5:25 – 6:30 Drinks

6:30- 8:30 Dinner