Unfinished and Rare Works

MR. LINCOLN (c.1952, Television Program, USA): Honorable mention as Kubrick is listed as a 2nd Unit/Assistant Director. Unlike almost all the other works referenced, this piece probably does not reflect Kubrick's creative/artistic process, however he did contribute to the production.

ONE EYES JACKS (r. 1961, Color Feature Film, USA, 141min): I mention this historical Marlon Brando film because Marlon Brando reportedly replaced Kubrick as the publicized director after creative differences arose. Per Wikipedia: Kubrick worked for six months on the Marlon Brando vehicle One-Eyed Jacks (1961). The script was written by then unknown Sam Peckinpah, and Kubrick insisted on rewriting it. Kubrick quit as director, explaining that "Brando wanted to direct the movie." Kubrick much impressed Brando who spoke fondly of him. For more info, check outWikipedia's entries on Stanley Kubrick and One Eyed Jacks.​

DR. STRANGELOVE PROMO REELS (Circa 1964): Very interesting footage of what appears to be promo reels produced and narrated by Kubrick himself for studio/distributor consideration containing extended and alternative takes. Click here for a full example on YouTube!

DGA AWARD ACCEPTANCE SPEECH (c. 1998, color video, UK/USA, ~4mins): Short and sweet self-produced video thanking the Director's Guild of American for the unique D.W. Griffith Lifetime Achievement Award. Probably the last time the public can see/hear Kubrick alive on recorded media. I believe this is only time Kubrick filmed himself speaking into the camera for a large audience. Can be found on the EWS Special Edition DVD's Click Here for a low-quality but watchable version on YouTube


NAPOLEON - Per major media reports in Spring 2016, Cary Fukunaga (HBO's True Detective series) is in talks to helm a mini-series based on Kubrick's development/research that started in the late 1960's and continued into the 1970's, bending into Kubrick's acclaimed 18th Century period piece "Barry Lyndon". Steven Spielberg to produce. Per stories in Spring 2013, Steven Spielberg was developing Kubrick's vast research & development. Please see SK News for more related media stories. Related: Taschen's release of a HUGE book on the topic!

ARYAN PAPERS - There were reports circa 2010 that this former SK project (period piece set against the WWII and Holocaust Era in Nazi Germany, based on the book Wartime Lies) may be in development with a major film industry director. Aryan Papers was almost fully produced by SK in the early 1990's after thorough development - completed script, primary casting, scouted locations, wardrobe fitted, and test reels shot. According to sources, SK may have put off AP due to the wide success of Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List, and/or SK may have become too depressed to actually shoot the film after intense research on the 1940's War/Holocaust which claimed the lives of millions of people including over 6 million Jews (Kubrick was Jewish by birth). Click here for a short but interesting video story re: Aryan Papers. Here's a 2009 story about AP development, I think there may be some more recent news, TBD.

According to reputable stories in the media: members of Kubrick's family and associates are developing film projects (i.e. rights owned by the Estate) that Kubrick either gave to them while he was alive or members discovered in his archives after his death. Here are the titles:

DOWNSLOPE - 2015 Developments

GOD FEARING MAN - 2014 Developments

LUNATIC AT LARGE - 2011 Developments

MUST READ! Waiting for a miracle: a survey of Stanley Kubrick’s unrealized projects (by Filippo Ulivieri - CINERGIE - Dec 2017 )

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