2008 ~ In the previous year, I started a year long process of self analysis as an educator. Using evidence from up to 5 years prior, I shared written and video documentation on how I was excelling above the norms as a teacher. I also had to accomplish passing scores on 6 tests that rated my abilities as an educator.

2018 ~ I reviewed ten years of growth as an educator and documented the evidence for this growth in my National Boards renewal.

2017 ~ As an educator grows in their ability to use educational technology, various tech companies provide the ability to document this growth as an educator. Google's highest accomplishment of becoming a Google Innovative Educator (#GoogleEI) quickly became my goal. Not only must you excel in the use of Google tools, but you must also improve the culture of education around you and effectively share this through social media. Google also looks at your ability to be a collaborator with the online professional learning networks.

The year I applied for Google Innovator, almost a thousand other people in North America applied. With only 40-50 slots available, it would be a tough feat to be chosen. One of my proudest moments as an educator was to be chosen that year as a Google Innovator! #WDC17 #GoogleIE

2021 ~ Since coming to Clover School district, I've had the ability to work closely with Apple products. I started working on my educator certifications with them. I have made it to their 3rd certification, Apple Learning Coach, and my future goal is to become an Apple Distinguished Educator, the highest certification.

In becoming a Apple Learning Coach and completing my Apple Teacher Portfolio, I had to not only know how to use Apple products and how to implement them across the curriculum, but I also had to have the ability to work with other educators and help them grow in these abilities.