FIRST Tech Challenge

What is FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)?

In the words of FTC's organizers: “Is FTC a robotics program? Yes, but it is so much more. FTC is about teaching students the value of hard work, innovation and creativity. It goes beyond competition by teaching teenagers the importance of working together, sharing ideas and treating each other with respect and dignity.”

KSS Robotics supports FIRST Tech Challenge Team # 8581: Ædificatores

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FTC 8581 Ædificatores (EYE-dee-feek-ah-TORE-race, Latin for builders) was founded in 2014 from members of a Kent based FLL team. The team has continued to improve over the years and striving for technical excellence, and engaging in community outreach. 8581 has won numerous awards at the local, state, and national levels of competition, and is excited to compete in this years FTC game: ROVER RUCKUS!

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