KSLA Leadership Award




Councils must meet ALL of the following applicable criteria by the designated deadlines to receive the award.

1. Council submits calendar of council programs to be offered as Act 48 Professional Development hours. Council conducts at least 3 programs during the year. Please click here for more information about Act 48 requirements.

Deadline: September 30

Submit by email to: Professional Development Chairperson(s) at ksra48@hotmail.com

2. Council submits tentative calendar of the events for the year to the regional director.

(Special interest council(s) submit to ILA Coordinator.) Any printed information sent by mail or electronically to inform council membership of these events is acceptable. List professional development programs, business meetings, community service projects, etc..

Deadline: September 30

Submit to: Regional Director

3. Council sets membership goals and conducts a membership campaign. Submit membership plan electronically to the KSLA Director of Membership Development. Click here to access the membership form and send via email to flyingicesticks@gmail.com. (Note that form needs to be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete without printing first.)

Deadline: September 30

Submit via email as an attachment to KSLA Director of Membership Development

4. Councils will create a council governance structure using the template provided by KSLA and submit it to the KSLA Governance Committee for approval. Click here for the sample governing document template.

Deadline: January 10

Submit by sharing Google Doc or file to KSLA Governance Chair (Eleanor Gensemer at ewgensemer@comcast.net)

5. Council conducts election of officers for the following year and the council president (or designee) electronically submits the results on the Local Council Officer Report Form, which will be sent to local council presidents from the ILA Coordinator for KSLA.

Deadline: April 15

Submit electronically to: ILA Coordinator for KSLA

6. Council treasurer of local councils who are NOT line items in the KSLA budget submits quarterly reports and an annual treasurer’s report. (NOTE: Line item councils are exempt from this requirement.)

Deadline: Quarterly reports are due: October 15, January 15, April 15, July 15. Annual report is due July 15. All reports shall be submitted to KSLA Treasurer and the Asst. to the Treasurer

Forms will be provided by the KSLA Treasurer

7. Council president (or designee) attends all of the scheduled meetings (state and regional), to which he/she is invited, during his/her term of office. The attendance sheet must be signed to indicate the council was represented since this document will be used to verify this criterion.

Deadline: Registration sign-in at the meeting site

Attendance taken by KSLA Secretary