Act 48 Information

Information on Submitting Local Council Act 48 Information

Important Information for completing Act 48 Roster

Please remember to enable macros BEFORE you write or choose from drop down boxes. One box will generate the next, so be sure to complete this step first. Please make sure this information is given to the person who will be reporting your Act 48 hours for your council.

Here are a few points to keep in mind for the upcoming year:

  • All rosters should be mailed to
  • Your list of programs is due September 30. Each activity should include the following information:
    • Date(s)
    • Name of Activity (never use banquet or breakfast, etc. in your name)
    • Name of the presenter and how or why he/she is qualified.
    • Hours to be awarded.
    • This can be in any format, a word doc would be just fine.
  • Please remember that if you do book talks or virtual book talks, etc. that you only get credit for the time spent in discussion. You do not get hours for reading.
  • Each activity should be at least 1 hour and should not exceed 15 hours.
  • You must have attendees complete evaluations after every activity and keep these on file with your council in case PDE decides to audit your hours. They can giveth and they can taketh away…
  • Webinars – hours should be submitted by the host council for Act 48.

If you have questions about Act 48 and completing the roster, please contact

How to Obtain Your PPID Number and Check Your Act 48 Hours Status

Go to the PDE web site

Click on Get your Professional Personnel ID to get your PPID #

There is also a link where you can check your current status and find other information.

Helpful Tip: Store your PPID# as a phone number in your cell phone. It will always be with you!

Contact the Committee Chairs.