Butler Lawrence Mercer

What We Are and What We Do...

The KSLA Butler Lawrence Mercer is a Literacy Council (The Council) and is a professional organization whose main concern is with the improvement of reading programs for children and adults, and with the application of reading skills in all phases of life while promoting the formation of lifetime habits of literacy while stimulating and promoting research in developmental, creative, corrective, and remedial reading at all levels.

The Council encourages the study of reading instruction and problems at all educational levels for the goal of reading improvement and provide programs for the professional growth of its general membership and other interested individuals in reading and related topics. Sponsorship is among the official acts of the Council for literacy conferences and meetings at the state level.

The Council promotes mutual understanding and cooperation among educators in the elementary grades, junior high, high school, special areas, college, and leadership positions and disseminates information related to reading and literacy.

The Council acts as a clearinghouse for information relating to reading; assist in the development of improved teacher-training programs; publish the results of pertinent and significant investigations and practices; and studies the various factors that influence progress in reading

We are in partnership with the International Reading Association (IRA) by promoting membership and participation in IRA sponsored council events through the Keystone State Reading Association or KSRA.

What does LITERACY Stand for?

L – Leaders in Literacy

I – Intuitiveness

T – Training To Enhance

E – Experience and Grow

R – Reading Leads to Literacy

A – Active In Local Programs

C – Current and Connected

Y – Yes! You Can and are Encouraged to Join!

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