Bokor Palace Hotel

The founders of Bokor hill station 1917.

Guests arrive for the opening of Bokor Palace Hotel, 14th Feb 1925.

The founders amass ready for a party that will last till 5am the following day.

The party was well attended and enjoyed with nothing but top class food and drinks flowing freely..

But sadly standards fell steadily through the late 1920's as the expected management company refused to run the Hotel.

Pictured here in 1931 a half painted, somewhat shabby Hotel, somehow still manages to operate, though reviews from this time suggest a Fawlty Towers experience.

We now jump to 1962 and the second chance for the Bokor Palace Hotel to make its name. The picture taken at its opening party, again a cracker so it's told.

Those uninvited amass waiting to see the posh folks arrive.