Drag Racing

In Kampot, Drag Racing is an Olympic Event.

Moto Mayhem III was held at The New Olympic Stadium Kampot on 16th December 2017.

The next races were held early in 2018, then late 2019!

Check out this site to see a nice little article about the races, HQ pics and by far, the best video!

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Moto Mayhem III.

Moto Mayhem III Results, Awards and Notable Performances

Class A. Under 100cc

Steve J. on Cienwen the Chalim.

Class B. Daelim C100/Honda Dream I/II 100cc

Max Babe on his Smokin Thai Honda Dream II.

Class C. Honda Win/Chinese copy. 110cc

Johnny Faithful from Siam Reap on his splendid Honda Win .

Class DD. Heavyweight Daelim C100/Honda Dream I/II 100cc

Kiwi Chris with the most lubricated Daelim of the day.

ECO Challenge, as far as you can go with fuel switched off.

Steve J with Cienwen the Chalim at 1.2km.

The Paul Trent Award for Sportsmanship.

Derrick Dennis for his sterling effort in maintaining a totally clean sheet.

Other Notable Results and Awards

Best looking 50cc moto - Derrick Dennis with his Chaly.

Best looking under 100cc moto - Chendar with her Yuan Special.

Best looking Daelim - Andreas and Black Beauty.

Best looking 110cc moto - Big Tim and his postie bike.

Most wheelies - Kris Dunks

Most races - Kris Dunks

Most timid racer - Jerome

Furthest traveled to race, Johnny Faithful and John Harris came all the way from Siam Reap.

There were 111 marshaled races through the day with many more less supervised heats held.

We only had one fall in the day during the Chaly two's up challenge, nothing was damaged except pride.

Injury time, there was only one injury, to a cyclist named Stu who managed to break his wrist falling off his push bike.

Kris, king of the wheelie

Racers from Siam Reap

The start

And the start crew

An eager crowd

In house security

When good starts

go bad

The stats if anyone is interested

Max the winner of Class B with Steve the winner of Class A

All of the above images were stolen as the Moto Mayhem team were too busy to take any.

Special thanks go out to Max B who supplied the majority of the pics above.

Below are a few of videos to give you a taste of Kampot motorsport.