Welcome to my site! I am Krista Riukula, a Researcher at the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla). I received my Dr. Sc. in Economics from Aalto University School of Business in 2018.

Research interests: Applied microeconomics, labour economics, human capital development, health economics

Email: krista.riukula(at)gmail.com


Work in progress:

'The costs of job loss, occupational mobility and task usage' (joint with Antti Kauhanen)

'Differential impacts of job loss' (joint with Emily Nix)

'The effect of regional supply of education on schooling choices, educational attainment and labor market performance' (joint with Hanna Virtanen)

'Stay home and stay married? The effect of child home care allowance on marital stability'

'Parental job loss and children's schooling choices' (with Kristiina Huttunen), see poster (nominated for the best poster award 2017 at the 29th EALE conference)

'The effect of screening for gestational diabetes'

Please click here to see more information on the work in progress.