When Technology Meets Medicine

At CBC, I had the opportunity to create my own radio series entitled When Technology Meets Medicine. I was fortunate to interview a variety of intelligent people in the biomedical realm at the University of Alberta. The common thread between all of the conversations is the interaction of people, machines, and medical innovations.

I captured many long-form interviews, but very little of the content actually ended up being aired on CBC. The intersection of large ideas that I pursued as my topic was not well suited for the 5-7 minute radio bites I had to conform to; most of these ideas take 5-7 minutes just to lay the groundwork to get into the real discussion! Thus, I am posting the interviews here in their entirety in hopes that you can learn something new from them.

These were fun to do! I only wish I asked some harder questions.

In this interview, I talk to Dr. Patrick Pilarski, a man of many titles. He is a machine learning expert and a principal investigator in the Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control (BLINC) Lab at the University of Alberta.

We discuss "Machine Intelligence" (and why that's a better term than "Artificial Intelligence"), machine learning, advanced prosthetics, and the ethical considerations of bionic limbs. We also briefly touch on consciousness and the rights of intelligent machines.

In this interview, I speak with Carlo Montemagno, PhD.

Carlo "has become a world-renowned expert in nanotechnology and is responsible for creating groundbreaking innovations which solve complex challenges in the areas of informatics, agriculture, chemical refining, transportation, energy, and healthcare." - http://ingenuitylab.ca/team/carlo-mon...

I limited the scope of this conversation to Ingenuity Lab’s “Regenerative Healthcare” division and tried to make this interview as accessible as possible for the layperson.

I also ask Carlo some personal questions at the end. I hope you learn something new and enjoy the interview!