Welcome !!

Warm Greetings! My name is K Ram Prabhakar and I'm a Ph.D. student at Video Analytics Lab (Computational and Data Sciences, Indian Institute of Science). I'm pursuing my doctorate under the guidance of Prof. R. Venkatesh babu.

My research work involves computational photography applications - especially High Dynamic Range Imaging. I have interests in other computer vision challenges as well.


  • Our paper on change detection got accepted in IJCNN 2020, Glasgow.
  • Our paper on "PA-Fuse: A Deep Supervised Approach for Fusion of Photoacoustic Images with Distinct Reconstruction Characteristics" got accepted for publication in JOSA BOE 2019.
  • Our paper on "A fast, scalable and reliable deghosting method for extreme exposure fusion" got accepted for presentation in ICCP 2019. Congrats Rajat, Adhitya and Kunal !!