Welcome !!

Warm Greetings! My name is K Ram Prabhakar and I'm a Ph.D. graduate from Video Analytics Lab (Computational and Data Sciences, Indian Institute of Science). I completed my doctorate under the guidance of Prof. R. Venkatesh babu.

My research work involves computational photography applications - especially High Dynamic Range Imaging. I have interests in other computer vision challenges as well.


  • [May 2022] Delivered guest lecture at IIT Jammu as part of "Research for Minds" forum.

  • [April 2022] Delivered lecture at NIT Patna as part of FDP on AI & ML.

  • [April 2022] Two papers accepted in IGARSS 2022!

  • [November 2021] Our BMVC 2021 paper received the Best Student Paper - Runner Up award! Congrats Vishal, Nihar and Prof. R. Venkatesh Babu. (Link)

  • [October 2021] Successfully defended my thesis!

  • [October 2021] Invited talk at Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Old news

  • [October 2021] Our paper on domain adaptation got accepted for Oral presentation in British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) 2021. Congrats Vishal and Nihar!

  • [September 2021] Invited to give a talk on DLCV at Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore.

  • [August 2021] One regular paper got accepted in IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging journal (IF: 3.49). Congrats Susmit!

  • [August 2021] Will serve as PC member for 36th AAAI-22.

  • [August 2021] Our paper "Multi-Domain Conditional Image Translation: Translating Driving Datasets from Clear-Weather to Adverse Conditions" was accepted at 1st ILDAV Workshop, ICCV 2021. Congrats Vishal!

  • [August 2021] Will serve as reviewer for CVPR 2022.

  • [June 2021] Our Few-shot Deep HDR deghosting work was accepted for spotlight presentation in CCD 2021 workshop at CVPR 2021.

  • [June 2021] Invited to give a talk on "Deep Learning for Computer Vision" at K.L.N College of Engineering on Faculty Development Programme sponsored by Anna University.

  • [March 2021] Our collaborative work with Prof. Rama Krishna Sai Gorthi (IIT Tirupati) on paper "Labeled from Unlabeled: Exploiting Unlabeled Data for Few-shot Deep HDR Deghosting" got accepted in CVPR 2021. Congrats Gowtham and Susmit !!

  • [Jan 2021] Will serve as a Reviewer for ICCV 2021.

  • Presented our work in EECS student symposium 2020, IISc.

  • Our paper on HDR Deghosting got accepted in ECCV 2020, Glasgow (27% acceptance rate).

  • Accepted to present at CVPR 2020 Doctoral Consortium! (Mentor: Dr. Orazio Gallo, NVIDIA)

  • Our paper on change detection got accepted in IJCNN 2020, Glasgow.

  • Our paper on "PA-Fuse: A Deep Supervised Approach for Fusion of Photoacoustic Images with Distinct Reconstruction Characteristics" got accepted for publication in JOSA BOE 2019.

  • Our paper on "A fast, scalable and reliable deghosting method for extreme exposure fusion" got accepted for presentation in ICCP 2019. Congrats Rajat, Adhitya and Kunal !!