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Developing strategies to achieve the Vision

Aligning KPI to Business Goals

Why Most Performance Management Trainings Fall Short

  • KPIs are not aligned to business goals

  • Unrealistic vision and there is no strategy to achieve the vision

  • Too much theory and not feasible for SMEs

  • Too much emphasis on tasks rather than results


Testimonial (Trading & Service)

  • Vision is made very clear to Heads of Departments (HOD)

  • Make HODs believe in the Vision of the Company

  • Goals for the Vision are clearly defined

  • KPI-driven mindset

Testimonial (Manufacturing)

  • Practical & Easy Implementable

  • Inspire employees towards the company's vision

  • Make KPI relevant to the business goals

  • Employees are motivated

Helping your CEO and Employees to:

  • Define the Purpose of the Business

  • Define the Corporate Vision

  • Define the Core Values

  • Define the Strategic Objectives

  • Define the Corporate Goals

How to make your employees believe in your Vision?

  • Define your Vision clearly

  • Define your Strategic Road Map

  • Define your Goals using SMART

  • Define your Strategies to achieve your Goals

  • Cascade down your Goals to KPIs

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