This site is primarily for use by the public,

however, members should check the Events page for upcoming events.

Members can access information including member documents via a private link (functions as a password). If you have not saved the link to the top of the members library, or never had it, email Duane and he will supply it. If necessary the webmaster could also provide a link to members. Email:

The private link will take you to the top of the Members Library and give you access to the folders and files in the document tree below. Look for the first folder named "READ ME files - Library Help" and read the help file "Library Help Introduction.pdf" that explains how to navigate the library.

(See instructions for views on Google Drive at the bottom of this page)

The revised Yahoo Group Site has limited functionality but will continue as the primary location for organizational announcements via emails.

(Some of the documents previously stored on the group site have been moved to the Library.)

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