Experienced all round visual designer with a demonstrated history of working working with industries and design agencies. Skilled in graphic design, video editing and digital media. Open creative thinker, curious and inventive with a strong artistic and design background. Based in the Basel area.

Graphic design

  • Brand identity / logo design

  • Photoshooting / image editing

  • Layout design

  • Typographic work

  • Infographics and data visualization

  • Graphic chain proficiency

  • Production flow

Marketing / e-mailing / digital platforms

  • Concept and design

  • Content writing

  • Campaign creation

  • Social media management

  • Analysis & reporting

  • Process management

Video production

  • Storyboard / scripting

  • Set up interviews

  • Video shooting (Camera / drone...)

  • Post production

  • Sound design

Link to videos

Environmental design

  • Design and production of trade fairs booths

  • Urban environmental concepts


"I am used to wearing multiple hats to cover a wide range of design tasks. Working on various corporate projects, my goal is always to create quality work while meeting deadlines with a touch of innovation. I am curious and up-to-date on the latest design trends and software updates".


Art direction • Project management • Team player • Graphic design • Video editing Marketing and digital media • Methodology and creativity • Well organised and rigorous • Agility and adaptability • Proficient in digital tools (Adobe Creative Cloud)



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