George Kour

Machine Learning Researcher

IBM Research Lab, University of Haifa

I hold a bachelor degree in computer engineering from the Technion - Institute of Technology. I have completed my masters degree in computer engineering in the Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Dana Ron and Dr. Raid Saabni . My thesis focused on online handwriting recognition in the Arabic language.

Currently I am a member of the Machine Learning Technologies Group at the IBM research lab in Haifa and a Ph.D candidate in the Sagol department of neurobiology in the Haifa University.

In my Ph.D. research under the supervision of Dr. Genela Morris, I investigate dimensionality reduction processes and state representation mechanisms in the brain.

I am interested in Learning mechanisms, both artificial and natural.

Contact Details:

  • IBM Research Lab, Haifa, Israel (OP)
  • Personal: kourgeorge at
  • Work: gkour at

Online Accounts & Profiles:

Supported organization:

As a member of a nation exiled from its land and as a human being I am a human rights fan, especially when it comes to refugees.

I support the following organization:

  • Sadaka-Reut: an Arab-Jewish Partnership Organization.
  • SAMS: The Syrian American Medical Society.
  • Humanity-Crew: An international aid organization providing psychological aid to refugees and people in crises.
  • UNCHR: the United Nations Refugee agency.

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