Zineddine KOUAHLA

Enseignant - Chercheur

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Teacher-researcher at the University of Guelma 08 May 1945, more precisely at the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer science and Sciences of the material. Graduated from the University of Burgundy in 2008, I defended my doctoral thesis in February 2013 at the University of Nantes. The thesis, with Indexation in the metric spaces Index tree and parallelization, was prepared at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes. My current research areas are: Multimedia databases: multimedia information modeling and structuring, content search, hypermedia navigation Implement systems for recognizing, indexing, searching and classifying multimedia documents Automatic management of multimedia documents (text, image and video)



  • Guelma, Algeria



  • Head of Computer Science Department & Researcher Teacher LABSTIC laboratory

E-Mails: kouahla.zineddine@univ-guelma.dz ; kouahlazinedine@yahoo.fr ; kouahlazinedine@gmail.com

Upcoming events in ... (2019)

  • TPC Member CITSC'2019 Conference on Innovative Trends in Computer Science
  • TPC Member ICMV'2019 International Conference on Machine Vision
  • TPC Member ICNAS'2019 International Conference On Networking and advanced systems
  • TPC Member IAM'2019 Conference on Informatics and Applied Mathematics
  • TPC Member JERI'2019 Edition of the National Study Day on Computer Research
  • TPC Member ISITES'2019 International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science