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Special offer for new Samsung EMPLOYEES.

Register for one year in our beginner course and have the following included in your tuition:

Beginning Korean Textbook 24,000 won INCLUDED

TOPIK Test Application fee OR Graduation Certificate 35,000 won INCLUDED

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Hello, My name is Susana Jiyeon Yang, the head teacher of Sejong Korean Education Center. I have been teaching Korean language to foreign employees and executives since 2009. In that time, I have been given an award for Excellence in Teaching Korean Language by a Korean company in addition to being recognized for the quality of my teaching by my students.

Many foreigners in Korea have difficulty in their everyday life due to the language barrier. To overcome this difficulty, they register for Korean class. Unfortunately, the class does not help them adjust to Korean society because the teachers are focused on teaching language by following textbooks which lack information on how to deal with the local culture, food, schooling, housing problems, shopping, health system, etc. Further, the teachers don't share information about travelling or attending local festivals or other cultural events.

The goal of SKEC is not simply to teach the language found in a book. We aim for our students have a high quality of education as well as an easy and happy life in Korea. We offer professional but especially practical Korean language courses to our students. Additionally, our multilingual instructors provide services to help our students live comfortably in their new environment.

Classes for yourself, your group, or your family are available at your home or office. Contact us now.

Susana Jiyeon Yang

📞 010-3320-3900



For companies both foreign and domestic, public institutions, government agencies, and diplomatic missions, the Korean language teaching program of Sejong Korean Education Center is the top choice for Korean language education. We are proud to serve the educational needs of foreign employees, and the families of foreign employees, currently residing in Korea.

If your busy schedule demands a personalized class schedule that will not waste your time, choose Sejong Korean Education Center. Learning Korean will be more satisfying now, as you will not only improve your Korean language ability but you will also gain Korean language qualifications, experience, and passion.


Sejong Korean Education Center exclusively employs instructors who have the following qualifications:

  • 4-year university degree
  • Korean language teaching certificate
  • At minimum 2 years of experience teaching Korean
  • Foreign language communication ability (English, Spanish)



The Sejong Korean Education Center offers customized education programs for our learners. Some past programs we have offered include:

  • Korean for day-to-day life as a foreigner in the country
  • Korean language and culture for the workplace
  • Korean for working with/in government agencies
  • Korean for working with/in public institutions
  • Korean for foreign families living in Korea

In each of our programs, we also provide cultural education to prepare our students for living in Korea for the short- or long-term. Let us know your needs so that we can develop a program for you.